Creosote Disposal

Services Offered:

* Hazardous and Non Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal
* Demolition and Abatement Services
* Roll-off Containers
* Environmental Remediation of Soil and Groundwater
* Underground Storage Tanks Removal
* Removal and Disposal of Contaminated Media
* Sludge Dewatering and Solidification
* Health and Safety Plans

Our trained chemists can handle disposal of a wide variety of regulated compounds. Listed below are some specific examples.

Industrial wastes, laboratory chemical, flammables, corrosives, toxics, oils, heavy metals, reactives, peroxide formers, lead paint, mercury, PCB's, fluorescent light and ballasts, batteries.


Partnership Designed With Solutions In Mind

When it comes to handling chemical disposal, and both the hazardous and the nonhazardous, Bay Associates Environmental's place is at your side - as a partner. Generators of hazardous waste are bound by the regulations with "cradle to grave" disposal responsibility. Bay Associates Environmental provides turnkey services that are environmentally sound yet cost effective - leaving our clients feeling confident.

Partnership Built On Quality And Care

Bay Associates Environmental, Inc. maintains the highest standards of professional and environmental responsibility. Our specialists are highly qualified environmental professionals dedicated to the chemical waste management field. Through our experience in the industry we are able to minimize expense while maximizing environmental quality. Our technical staff supports your team to effectively handle all phases of regulated waste disposal.

Disposal Advantages

The disposal industry is increasingly competitive. Let us help you take advantage of the marketplace. Together we select the best outlets from our extensive qualified network for your specific wastes.

* Reduce liability by distinguishing between hazardous and nonhazardous regulated materials.
* Minimize number of drums.
* Consolidate compatible quantities
* Avoid disposal costs altogether by recycling. We can find a user through our BAE Beneficial Reuse Program.